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I am having issues setting up linerization for thermocouples, I currently have MI0 set to my thermocouple input which is into MI3 which I have displayed on my HMI.

My number changes when I apply heat but its not even close to right. Im hoping someone could help me with the setup of my linerization and how to convert the mV into degress Fahrenheit on my HMI display screen. I would like the max temperature displayed to be 600 degrees.


Attached are what I currently have.


Linerization Setup.PNG

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Hi Josh, you don't need linearization.  Thermocouples read directly.  You set up the parameters in the View/Hardware Config of the relevant input.  You need to know what type of couple you are using for it to read correctly.  When in the relevant analog input area, click on Type and you'll get a drop down list.  You also choose C or F in Mode.

cheers, Aus

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