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Need help programming ladder logic to read input

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Hello everyone, 

  I'm writing a program for the PLC to read an input from pymodbus to turn on a button. So far I have succeeded on making the command prompt communicate with the PLC but I don't know how to make it so that the PLC will recognize that signal as a command and turn on the button. Below is the sample ladder logic code I used to set it up, and a screen shot of what command i used in the command prompt.

My apologies before hand for my bad writing. 


pymodbus question.png

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What does "turn on the button" mean? Are you just trying to turn on MB 1 from your PC using MODBUS? If so, you don't need ladder rung 3 in your program at all. Just use MODBUS command #5 or #15 to force MB 1 on. Keep in mind that MB 1 will be MODBUS coil address 2 since Unitronics memory addresses start at zero and MODBUS protocol starts at one.

I'm also going to move your post to a more appropriate forum.

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