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RTC in data table help


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Im looking for some assistance in a program I have set up for a scheduled heat / AC program.  The way it is set up, the user has four time setting options to be able to change the temperature four times throughout the day.  I am using the digital time wheels with an RTC struct for the way to input the time settings and then converting the RTC to an ASCII string so that the user can see all of the settings in the data table which is displayed on screen.  The problem I am having is when I extract the time strings back out of the data table I have no way to compare to the System RTC to trigger the automatic temperature change.  To further explain, I can't store RTC data in the data table and I can't convert the system RTC to a string (only RTC structs that I made).  I've kind of reached a mental block on what to do from here without writing a ton of code to make it all work out.  So if anyone has any ideas please let me know.  Thanks in advance!


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You can find many example projects that you can refuse to and use.

You could find there a "UniStream_070_schedule.ulpr" that will help you in setting a schedule.

Furthermore, with in that folder, you will have a folder named UDFB, copy it`s content and save is in the next path: 

 C:\Users\Guys\Documents\Unitronics\UniLogic\Library\Ladder         (Set your [User Name] incited of "Guy")

Within UniLogic, go to "Library" and add "RTC to ASCII" , drag the new "RTC to ASCII" subroutine to yor 'Function1", and set in the input the format you like.




Time .ulpr

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Thank you very much for the information.  I had previously used the RTC to ASCII UDFB and it would not let me directly input the controller's RTC into it, only other RTC struct values that were part of my program.  It looks like the RTC to ASCII V2 UDFB will let me convert the controller's RTC to a so to say real time string which will let me compare my RTC strings in my data table to it.  Thanks so much for the help!!  

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