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Dear All,

I am starting for the first time to work with DB in a server PC using SQL (SQL server) query.

I am using the SQL example...all works fine...I do the connection...I create the table...I am able to insert, update, get and cancel the "info" with this DB...what I saw and I don't understood is that if I send a query to have some information refered at a specific ID (...WHERE employeID =?) and this ID is not present in the DB the query result, BIT about query success, is turned as "1" ...I was expecting that the "fail BIT" arise !?

Maybe this is correct, sorry I don't know deeply this matter...can someone confirm?


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Well, from the point of view of the SQL Server / Client or the query, it succeeded (there query itself had the right syntax, and the tables and columns existed).

We don't parse the queries you execute, so we don't know what is going to be returned. 0 records doesn't mean fail, since "Delete From Table" would return 0 records, but is still OK.

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hi Saragani,

thanks for the answer...yes obviously you are right...thinking better I understood that I am asking to search if some element has a specific ID and the answer is "no one item has this ID"...then the request is done in correct way and also the answer is back in the correct format...thanks

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