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Erratic barcode scanning


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I have a USP-104-B10 with the "Barcode Scanner_test" sample program loaded. I have an IDAutomation SC7USB 2D barcode scanner attached to a panel USB port. I can scan barcodes that only include digits without a problem. When alpha characters are involved, strange things start to happen. For example, this barcode "V30AE000041" is read as "v#0aE)00041", "A - Code 39" becomes "a - cODE 39" and "C - Code 93" becomes "c - cOde 93". I connected the scanner to my PC and was able to scan these barcodes correctly into a Word document.  

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Hello Nutzlos Norm,

Please perform the following procedure for a better & faster debugging:

1. Extract HDRecorder.rar ( Attached) 

2. Run "Keyboard.exe". 

3. Scan using the barcode:


4. Send the created log from "C:\Users\SOME_USER_NAME\Documents\Unitronics\ScannerReaderLogs". Example:


Please send me back the log file.


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It's a complicated issue since erroneous barcode scanning can be painful. But I have a potential solution for you! Have you tried using optical character recognition? It's a handy tool to avoid those weird scanning mishaps. I've been using the SmartEngines scanner at smartengines.com/ for a while now and am very happy. Since they offer automatic and eco-friendly document scanning with their advanced OCR technology. It is worth a try, especially since you can adequately scan barcodes on your PC. Fingers crossed that this might be the answer you're looking for!

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