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  1. Hello Nutzlos Norm, Please perform the following procedure for a better & faster debugging: 1. Extract HDRecorder.rar ( Attached) 2. Run "Keyboard.exe". 3. Scan using the barcode: 4. Send the created log from "C:\Users\SOME_USER_NAME\Documents\Unitronics\ScannerReaderLogs". Example: Please send me back the log file. HDRecorder.rar
  2. Please contact our sale representative Ariel.Hunkin@unitronics.com and he will guide you through the procedure. Good Luck!
  3. Hello Runkel2019 Who is the owner of this application? There is a procedure for recovering a loss password with our sale department only for the owner after identifying procedure.
  4. Dear Simon, Thank you for contacting Unitronics support Forum! About the MODBUS coding definition on UniLogic the configuration goes as following: Coils: For Reading Coils you can choose an operation of Read Coils (1) or Read Discrete Inputs (2) : For Writing Coils it use the operation of Write Multiple Coils (15) or Write Single Coil (5) : Registers: For Reading Registers you can choose an operation of Read Holding Registers (3) or Read Inputs Registers (4) : For Writing Registers you can choose an operation of Writing Multiple Registers (16) or Write Single Register (6) : Best Regards, Nahum Stern Unitronics Tech.Support Team Product Division Unitronics Building Airport City, Ben Gurion Airport T +972 3 9778866 F +972 3 9778877 www.unitronicsPLC.com
  5. Our one of our representative already answered you through the open ticket. Have a great day!
  6. Hello Bluecolor, The description you wrote down are too general. Please let me know what kind of requirements you need for your devices. I need you to send the devices you are using and their specs + IG (Installation Guide). The controller you wish to implement it one an so on... If you would like to work over email cooresponding you can send all the inforamtion + files to support@unitronics.com and mention my Name over there so I will continue handling you ticket. Looking forward for your reply.
  7. Hello SoCalJIm, I do not understand what are you trying to achieve, if you have our GW-BAC1, it need to have a controller to control it. BACnet will not configure itself. you have to follow the procedure how install it properly. the User Guide is attached. Good Luck. gw-bac1.pdf
  8. Hello Vidmas30, Unfortunately we do not support this feature. we have only the 3 following options: Large - Presents the full-sized banner, running the width of the screen. Small - Displays the banner as a button. Pressing the button opens the Alarm Summary None - This prevents the banner from being shown, although the Alarms will still be logged.
  9. Hello Boetje, I need you to send the application file, I would like to check your configuration. In addition, explain me in details what would you like to achieve and give me one or two examples for emphasizing it.
  10. Hello Heitor, Did you check our example files which comes without any additional cost by going to Help ==> Examples as shown below. If you need any specific help I will be happy to help you! Please let me know what you really need now.
  11. Hello All, First, I want to apologize to all the forum people for answering on VisiLogic Studio. About the UniLogic, currently this is a feature request that already added to our wish list, Sorry for the inconvenience. As you already know, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you are facing a any doubt, question, request and etc.
  12. Hi There, Please try to use the attached files. Before you are inserting the SD card DO NOT forget to format it with our SD Card Suite Tool, it will create the folders as it should be. The first one is the vlp which includes the SW & the configuration of the email server (in our case it's SMTP2GO.com) - Recommended for tests. V570 email SMTP2GO Test.vlp ALARM.UAL
  13. Hello Eugenio, Currently we not supporting video files attachments, you can use FTP client to send the video file to a server and than you can take any action you want from that server. Good Luck!
  14. Hello Eugenio, Thank you for contacting Unitronics Forum! You can use UniLogic/VisiLogic/U90Ladder help file which are describing each one of the operands. You can check it on our site too if you want to go on-line by clicking HERE Hope I manged to help you, GOOD LUCK!
  15. Hello Don, Thank you for using Unitronics Forum. First I would suggest you to download all our example. Open UniLogic ==> Help ==> Download Sample Apps Or you can use the function "NUM to ASCII" from Solution Explorer ==> Library ==> Modules ==>Functions ==> "NUM to ASCII" Hope I manged to help you. Good Luck!
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