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Barcode scanner on unistream 7''


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I am using the Unistream 7 (USP-070-B08) PLC and I wish to implement a barcode scanner to my project

I wish to connect the scanner via USB to the PLC and read from it using the message composer and COM serial function (COM Rx)

My question is has anyone here ever worked with a barcode scanner in the manner I describe and if so can you please note what barcode scanner did you use and what model

or even recommend a scanner that is suitable for my applications


thanks in advance,


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  • MVP 2023

There's more information needed to recommend a barcode scanner.  You need to tell us your application.

Barcode type?

Wireless or wired?

Distance if wireless?

How rugged does it need to be?


We've had mixed results with USB barcode scanners.  I have a customer who plugged a USB scanner into a UniStream that worked perfectly scanning codes into Word documents and then returned funny shifted characters into the UniStream buffer.

If you already have a barcode scanner, hook it up to the UniStream and see what happens.  It may work just fine.

Otherwise, I recommend a Zebra DS3678 with an RS232 adapter cable and get a UAC-01RS2 RS232 port module for the UniStream.

Joe T.

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Thank you for your reply, Joe.

I wish to read 1D and 2D (QR) type barcodes, preferably with a wired scanner.

I actually gave the Dimex DS2208 barcode scanner a try and it worked fine with UniStream. I connected it via USB and the PLC accepted it as a keyboard meaning the user will have to press a text box and only then scan the barcode, which might be just fine for my application.


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