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How to use data tables with data I got from sensors ?

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I am still working on my first project with Visilogic. I was told that in Visilogic I could use data I got from sensors with data from data table (Excell files) . Explanation of the problem I want to solve: 

 I want to compare results I got from calculations with results I got from the sensor. It has to work like checking mechanism: sensor measures weight  and system has to compare it with theoretical weight  which is calculated: quantity of the parts  multiplied by quantity of theoretical part weight. (just for the record the whole data table which I want to import contains information of 1800 different parts) 

To do so in my opinion work flow has to be like this: 

There are several field for information input:

1. In fields marked in red data will be put from sensor measurement. (this part is already done I am writing it just to follow the  logic of the problem) 

2. Fields marked in yellow information has will be typed in via Keypad, manually.  Information type is like part number, order number, order quantity and so on. 

3. Lets say I typed in part number after it is done in blue field data has to be appear from imported table. So if typed 6442511 in field" gaminio numeris" in the field "gaminio pavadinimas" words "TFT bracket" has to appear. It has to work like search or filter. 

4. But it is not the only problem: there also calculation has to be made: In the field "bendras kiekis" I will type in some number  which has to be multiplied  by the data from table called "svoris". 


 So in conclusion my main question is: how to use data tables for calculations ? I tried to explain as simple as I can but if there some  uncertainties I will try to explain it other way around. 

I watch probably all tutorials in the youtube but could not find anything which is relevant for my problem.  IF there is tutorial for this kind of problems, would be great if someone could give a link to it. Also all opinions on this problem is appreciated.  Maybe my logic of how it should be done is wrong all suggestions is also appreciated. 

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I did some research and found example which is probably perfect example what I want to do. I attached  example which I found in  examples folders in Visilogic. This example shows how to write data into data table and how read data from the same data table. This examples perfectly  fits my problem, there is only one problem in this example to find certain product you have to scroll with keypad arrows until you find product you need. What I am trying to do here is to make  a field  which would work as a search. So if I already know the product number I only need to input product number and all data about that product number appear in fields below. 

Is that possible to do with visilogic ? 



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