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good afternoon , we have a question about the following fuctionality Toggle coil ,  if we have  contact with positive transition rise   P ( from Key 2 from  front panel ) as you know when we push it we select the key 2 button from controller 120 R22  it would generate a pulse , at the first time when we do that , the toggle coil (x) result would be 1  and this value would be kept  until ,the second time  when we push  agan the keypad 2  then  the toggle result (x) would be 0  , Is it correct ?  

Please see the attachment here we show the configuration 


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Not quite.  You've reference TD 0 but not activated it using a coil assigned to the timer's address.   Also the Toggle coil will toggle on and off every other scan because you're continuously triggering it.  Always use a P contact with a keypad bit and with toggle coils.

You don't need MB 0.

I think this is what you're looking for-


The timer will reset itself when you remove power (net 2).

Note that if you press Key #2 again while the bit is ON and the timer is running then you will toggle the bit off.  If you want it to stay on, replace the toggle coil in net 1 with a SET coil.

Joe T.


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