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Use a Mouse on HMI screens


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I need to find an intrinsically safe rated mouse with a USB connection for an Explosion Proof Environment. Does anyone have any experience finding one that works? I have used a standard USB Mouse without issue but I have found that when I purchased the mouse fund at the link below, it works on a PC but not with the Unistream Panel, instead, the HMI would not detect it. I am thinking that it has something to do with either the driver or that it is intrinsically safe and perhaps the signal is a bit too weak. Rather than buying multiple mice until I find one that works, I was hoping that someone can point me in the right direction.


If it is a driver issue, does anyone know if there is a definition of the driver in the Unistream panel that the mouse needs to have that I can then ask the mouse manufacturer if it has?

Any feedback would be appreciated. 


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I did ask Stealth about the diver required and he had said

" There are no special drivers required for the StealthMOUSE and it just needs 5 volts at 50ma from the mouse port. That being said the StealthMOUSE is only validated for PC use so it could be a compatibility issue with the Unistream controller"

I suppose the question now is what the Unistream controller needs to see in a compatible mouse and whether there are additional mouse drivers available for the Unistream Panel. I should mention that as shown in the attached picture, I am running the latest version of Unilogic and my firmware is up to date.


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