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v1040 - function keys locked

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Function keys are not locked out buy the OS,  or Ladder Function.

The Function keys are always available for use.  Use depends on the program and the current screen operations. 

The Function keys on the V1040 use SB's   SB58-SB65      ESC is  SB57

Go to the Online Mode  or via Info Mode and check the key by pressing them.

If they are functional, then the SB will be   1 .  If they do not respond, then the Key may be defective ( is this an older unit and the is key(s) is used very often?)

If the key does not respond, then hardware issue.

Unitronics does not repair the units. If under warranty( 2 years)  contact your distributor or Unitronics.    Non Warranty - you will have to buy a replacement.

Note that in the replacement process, it is possible to save all the   Memory data  and put it back into the new unit. ( save the data tables, save the variable data)

Be sure you have a copy of the program or a compiled version that can be downloaded.





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The plc has about a year and works(touchscreeen and its functionality) but the keys underneath the screen don't seem to respond. They are not needed to daily use(mainly they are use for showing status or some settings menu). I will go to the factory where the plc is placed in 2-3 weeks and try your idea.  After that I will give a reply in this topic unless the plc has a hardware issue. 

Thanks for your answer!

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