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Control M90 via serial from local webpage

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I'm very new to all this and have a question. I have a M90-T with 4x IO-TO16 expansion modules powering about 60 LED's, right now the PC is running a flash application that has buttons to turn on the LED's but I'd like to use a new html5 based UI running in Chrome (or other modern browser) to control the LED's and my question is how would I send the commands via serial to the PLC? Has anyone done something like this before?



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An M90 is not a communication powerhouse and it's obsolete.  The PCOM protocol (available elsewhere on this site) is the only way to talk to it.

It sounds like you are comfortable making web pages.  True?


1. You could theoretically roll your own interface in a C program with the protocol and hooks to your html front end.  A LOT of work.  

2. You could upgrade the M90-T to an M91-2-T1, which can talk Modbus.  Then you could find a free SCADA software package like VTScadaLIGHT and make your screens using their tools and talk to the PLC.  This is the easiest solution, but you don't get to run html in Chrome this way.

3.  Convert the whole thing to UniStream and host the web pages on the PLC itself.


Joe T.

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