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I cant write integer in PLC flash (SM43-J-T20)

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Not sure what you're trying to do here. All operands are retained through a power cycle (if there is a functioning battery installed). If you want the register to assume a particular value at start-up, then you use the Power-Up value to accomplish that.

Looking at your program, MI 0, 1, & 9 have the power-ups checked. If you want MI 0, 1, & 9 to retain their last value, then uncheck that box.

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A few other items of note:

1) Do NOT place multiple logic threads in a single ladder rung, as you are doing in the Szamlalo subroutine.

2) Do NOT use Direct Contacts to call an HMI screen - use Positive Transition Contacts.

3) No need to call the Start-Up Display with SB 2 - it will be called automatically at start up.

4) No need to set or reset operands with SB 2. Use the Power-Up checkbox for MIs and SET or RESET selection for MBs.

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