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Hi there

i am looking to create a remote web hosted webpage with unitronics data within, I currently have a vision 130, and can view the web server via the local host. But what i need is for the local PLC to be able to push information (preferably in the form of a complete webpage) to a remote host to allow remote clients to view said info from remote locations. With the current setup the best i can do is run a vpn port and allow my remote clients to view that or host under a different name from the prefered name.

To do this do i have to get univision hardware, create a sql database and then share info via that or something else.

Any help in this matter would be of great help


John Green

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The UniStream line does allow for more complex web pages to be built more easily, but with either the Vision line or UniStream line you will need to have the PLC visible to the internet in order to view a web page from a remote location. That's not a function of the PLC, but rather a function of your network. It's not the most secure method, but I usually just do port forwarding from the router that has the internet connection to the local PLC.

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