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Infinity in real


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Hi all,

If I get the infinity in real data type, what could be the reason, please? (I have checked if I div by zero.) I also have tried to store the same exact value through the program into that variable. Still "infinity" in the last rung/DTI table when I am online.

Thanks for any help.

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16 hours ago, AlexUT said:


What exactly you did?

What do you store to MF?

With more detailed explanation help may be more detailed.



Thanks. I solved it within few minutes after my question. I detected the rung via 'disable rung' and 'go online'. Then found that the calculated limit in global variable  that supposed to be same for all devices, multiple for all devices in their functions (global variable A x variable B = global variable A, send A), so it was overflow, therefore I could either take the multiplication out from 'all devices functions' and perform it in the main calculation of the limit, or use additional  variable in 'all devices functions' (global variable A x local variable B = local variable C, send C)

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