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Indexing the Data Table


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Hello, I am attempting to create a system in which every time someone rings the wireless door bell, it communicates with the PLC and keeps a log of the time and date at which the button was pressed. I am almost done, and only need assistance when indexing down a row (copying the data from the previous row and writing it to the next). I see there is a indexing row tab on the button, but i need help understanding the function in and out tabs and how to use them successfully within my program. 


Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, Michael

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hi Mshak,

in the toolbox, for the DT indexed, exist a command called "insert"; use this to insert a record in a specific row of your table...the selected row, already present in the table, and the others below will be pushed down by 1; the last in the DTI, that will be out of range, will be "lost".

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