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Ethernet IP Cyclic Optimization On the Fly RPI?


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Good day everyone,

I have a project with 20 Ethernet/IP scanners running on a unistream 15.6".  The machine network is separate from the plant network and goes through a layer 3 switch with VLAN port.  I also have 6 Modbus TCP devices running on the machine network.  I noticed when debugging the program I was having some bugs from what I assumed was network clogging with cyclic communication.  By lengthening the RPI on some nodes I was able to resolve most issues. I also have a lot of disconnecting issues when trying to monitor in Online mode.   I notice in the Help file under the Scanner Node Struct there is a Uint16 for the RPI. 

1st Question: Am I able to Write a value to this "on the fly" and not have to reset the plc?  Not everything on the machine needs to run at the same time so I would love to be able to transfer higher RPI to nodes when not in use and lower RPI to those nodes in use. 

2nd Question:  Am I able to use the "Enable Node Bit" (in the same struct) in the same fashion on the fly? if so, does the device stay connected and you would be able to turn on or off cyclic communication in one ladder scan?  Or would there be a delay (greater than the RPI) after the node was Enabled before communication would begin?



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