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Ex-RC1 Harwdare config problems


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Hello, wonder if you have some hint for me.  

I have a an Unistream with remote IO: Ex-RC1, LC3 and  D16A3-R016, all hooked together via CAN bus

I followed the config instructions from your training video, starting with an VisiLogic file from your examples.  But when I try to load the exported .ulri file in the Ex-RC1 properties window it is like nothing happens, no warning or error messages and the Visilogic File field remains empty ?

Thanks, Bjarni






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You are correct. There is an issue with that feature in the official version and it was already fixed for next version.

There is a fix for this issue, either by a dll replacement, or an updated version of 1.26 (I need to check that).

I'll be able to check this if there is an updated 1.26 version only tomorrow, and I'll give you a solution.

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