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V130 with Cell & GPS

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We  sell systems that are installed on trucks for fueling (12v or 24v).  At the end of each transaction the customer wants a text message of fuel dispensed, date, time, GPS location, etc.  Any suggestions on Modem kit, GPS unit, or anything else would be appreciated.


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Hi Dave;

There is a Modem Kit for the Vision Series     GSM-Kit-17J-3G   -- contact your distributor.

     This has the cables required and is supported in VisiLogic -  see Modems  and Help for the setting up.

     The SIM Card is the customer's responsibility.

    This uses a Serial Port.

    I have used a Garmin GPS unit. -  Also Uses a Serial  Port.

   The V130 has 1 Serial Port, so you have to add a 2nd serial port   ( Then NO Ethernet can be added )

  This means programming and working with 2  used serial ports will be fun.

  Suggestion :

        GPS in Port 1    and have a menu  in the PLC where you can  select to program or use the GPS.

        When Working with the  GPS getting all the data strings sorted out, put the GPS in Port 2  until you have it working properly and then move it over to Port 1  and use the menu to change between GPS and Programming Modes.

      Then work on the Modem to get it setup  in Port 2  and leave it there.





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