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I am working with a V350. I am looking for a way to keep certain button types more attractive on screen and allow for different shapes. Specifically, when I have a tall but narrow number or password entry button, I can find no way to make the text wrap down the button so I can get a decent description on the button. I looked for a way to use a simple button (which does allow multiple text lines) and then link that through the ladder to bring up a password entry screen, but if this functionality is there I could not find it. For now what I have ended up doing is using a button to link me to a dedicated password entry screen so I can keep the attractiveness and functionality of a more verbose description on the main screen. While this works, it seems like it should be unnecessary.

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Hello,<BR style="mso-special-character: line-break"><BR style="mso-special-character: line-break">

I hope I understand your goal…

See the attached files.

you can produce your own graphic button and import it as image.

Then you can put a text and link it to any operand.

If you have any example please let me know….


post-10-009523000 1306918159_thumb.jpg

post-10-050489500 1306918160_thumb.jpg

post-10-015378000 1306918172_thumb.jpg

post-10-039178000 1306918173_thumb.jpg

post-10-071786000 1306918249_thumb.jpg

post-10-007137600 1306918251_thumb.jpg

post-10-048185100 1306918252_thumb.jpg

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Thank you for the response, but I am looking specifically to make the button you can create on screen for number or password entry look better. There is no way to attach a .JPG image that I can figure out for this type on command button. I see nothing available except if the button is pressed, not pressed, or flat and only a single line of text with no multiline capability as the only option for this type of button. If you look at the button to the right I have shown this as a simple button and not a number or password entry to show what I want to show on screen. If instead I used a number or password button I would be blocked for successfully making this long of a description with multiline text.

Thank You


post-305-010384900 1307120631_thumb.jpg

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