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Communicating and receiving information from a different PLC

Steffen G

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My Unilogic USP-104_B10 needs to receive information tags from a different PLC (Schneider M340) via modbus I think, and im not sure how to do that.

I was wondering if anybody could help me with this or explain what I need to do in order for the PLC's to communicate so I can reiceve tags and inputs/outputs from the M340.

I have setup the panel ethernet configuration ip , but now I need to know where to set the M340s IP and if I need a Master Slave function for this to work.

Anybody who wants to help a newbie out? Thanks.

-Steffen, Norway

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To help, we need to know specifically what you are trying to do and you need to do some ground work first. 

Define what tags and I/O you want to transfer and let us know.

You'll need to configure a Slave table in the UniStream.   Look at the Help and take a swing at it.  Post your program so we can check it out with any questions you have.

As far as the M340 goes, will you post a link to a programming manual that covers how to set it up as a Modbus TCP master?

Joe T.

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To make the M340 communicate depends on what model of M340 you have. The lower end model with built in Ethernet (BMX P34 20x0) will need explicit message code if it is to act as a ModbusTCP Client (ie polling the server ( USP-104_B10) to send or receive information. If the M340 has a separate ethernet card (BMX NOE...) it will support I/O Scanning and then all that is required is to fill out a table with the IP address, master and slave register addresses.

If you have a M340 with built in ethernet it may be easier for it to be the ModbusTCP server (ie responds to requests from the client) as that requires minimal setup on the M340.

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