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Data Tables or String Library?

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I'm just starting my first project with the V130 and I'm doing a monitor with 2 temp sensors and a pressure, I've gotten the screen set to do calibration, scales and alarms, but for some reason I'm getting hung up on using the data table/string library. Which to use, and how to use them. All I'm looking to do is display my current value, but put either a F or C next to it dependent on an MB. But other than having 2 static text displays and hiding one of them. I haven't gotten it to work. Is there a good example of how to do something that simple somewhere?

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First, the data tables and string library are completely different animals and can't be lumped together with a "/". I'd suggest you take the time to read all the pages of the Help on these topics before working with one of these if it's your first project.

Use a "Binary Text" object to display F or C based on an MB.

Joe T.

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