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M90 table values


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Dear Sir, please help. I have a M90 controller and need to create a "spreadsheet" in the controller. The table should be able to enter up to 10 values that the operator would enter. When these values are entered, it is necessary to press one value at a time and place it in some temporary memory.

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Look at the Help on "Special Functions without Element" for the Load Indirect function.  If you're only working with 10 values you can create a couple of pointers to get the data in and out of regular MI memory.  You can also look into the Database, which can hold 1024 values.

If you look under Help->Sample U90 Projects you will find a couple of Indirect examples under Basic Ladder operations, which would be a good place to start.

Try writing some code and post your program here with questions.

Joe T.

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