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Leave arguments blank, calling a function. Feature request.


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It's rather small modification but could potentially relieve from a ton of unnecessary annoying work.

Let's assume you have made UDFB which requires arguments, for later reuse gazillion times in your project.

But not every time you use that UDFB, all of the input and output arguments are required.

It would be nice that at least output arguments could be omitted when not necessary calling such a function. 

I guess that's not so hard to automatically pipe them to NULL by compiler, instead pushing us to cork every unused output with some dummy tag.

Almost the same is true for inputs - assume, zero length string, zero, FALSE, for everything that's defined, but not explicitly used as input.

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hi Dz!

In my opinion, but maybe I am wrong, this is because you are trying to have a "big" UDFB that do many things itself...always in my opinion you have to try to split each "operation" to have many single/small UDFB...then create a unique "manager" UDFB that has inside these small blocks...then in this case you can decide every time how many Fin/Fout are needed.

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