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I am currently working on a project in which I need to write to the Sting Library from the application.

I have found the function "Library String to ASCII" (STR TO VEC) to be useful for reading values OUT of the library, however, after the ASCII has been edited I need to write it back to the String Library.

Anyone with some good ideas!? New feature suggestion?

What I would be looking for is a "VEC TO STR" function.

I will use the function to (occasionally) mirror text contents in Data Tables with String Libraries.

BR Northbound

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Somewhat hidden in the String Editor dialog is the "Insert Indirect String" button. This will allow you to map MIs to the string library. You can use a string object on a screen to write a string to these MIs and it will appear in the String Library.

Joe T.


Really appreciate the fast reply! B)

Not exactly what I was looking for though... Basically I want my alarm texts and item descriptions to be possible to edit from the HMI (1040). I do not have enough MI or XI registers to map all texts indirectly using the string library function. (I have around 100 entries, each max 40chars).

I am using the Data Tables copy vector to row in order to update texts in my Data Tables after the user has chenged something, however I would also like to do something similar with data stored in the String Library.

Any ways to modify strings in library using vector/pointers to strings from ladder (vs. pointing strings to MI/XI/DW)?

Any more ideas?

BR Northbound

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100 entries x 40 characters at two characters/MI = 2000 MIs needed. The V1040 has 4096 MIs, which leaves you 2096 MIs for your logic. Are you using this many?

Joe T.

Hi Joe,

Thanks again for reply.

Yes, I am afraid MI's are not available. I also use quite a lot of the XI's.

In order to make my app work I would need the ability to indirectly address strings. In extent a reverse function of said "library string to ascii" function. In this way I could use a vector of Mi's containing ASCII characters and write these into a position in the String Library as needed.

I could perhaps free up MI's by creating termporary Data Tables to store my working values (each scan), but I am uncertain if this is a good solution. It will create a lot of DataTable writes pr. second!

BR Northbound

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