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Indirect tagging for unilogic email & sms


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I need help on how to relate and establish the emails & sms on visilogic into unilogic software using indirect tags.

1. Screen shot 1 showing my visilogic example how  i go about using indirect tagging in all required columns.

2. For Screen shot 2 i'm trying to apply the same concepts to unilogic sms having indirect string ascii tagging used for mobile number and texting however it do not allow a second number to added. I need to send 8 numbers for 1 particular alarm triggered. Am i doing this correctly and how to add another number for the same texting?

3. For Screen shot 3 i'm trying to apply the same concepts to unilogic email having 2 email accounts assigned as string ascii for indirect tagging however for the messages texting there isn't an option for string ascii selection. Under the add account section, the "from email address" & "user" do not have an option for indirect tagging. How to assign it as Indirect tagging. Please advice. Thanks.


01.sms & mail using indirect tag for visilogic.png

02.indirect tagging for unilogic mobile number & texting.png

03.indirect tagging for unilogic email sending.png

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