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I am looking to use Unitronics Vision products to automate the linear accelerators at the Albany Ion Beam Lab.   I first need to verify that the system will perform certain operations. I am reasonably familiar with Visilogic but I can not figure out if the system will plot a graph that is not dependent on time. I need to record and set a PWM output and then record the response from the accelerator and then  graph the results. This would act like a poor mans spectrometer.  The data would need to be stored, so working from a data file is ok but I can not figure out how to do this. I guess the question is; is there a simple way to accomplish this goal, and if so, how?

Thank you


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You can record data in either a Data Table onboard the PLC or on an SD card. On the SD card you can store the data directly from a Data Table in a format that can be read by Unitronics SD Card Suite and converted to .csv. You can also (with more difficulty) store the data directly to the SD card in .csv format. My recommendation would be to store the data in a Data Table and periodically push it to the SD card. You can read the file on the SD card directly (using SD Card Suite) without removing the card if you can go online with the PLC. Unitronics SD Card Suite is free and easy to use.

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