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Thank you for responding. Can you be a little more specific for the recipe example.

I am trying to use the  Data Tables Recipes function in the Solution Explorer. I can see where it creates recipes from xls files. However what I am stuck on is the ladder function Load DTI from Recipe File. There seem to be 2 issues that I am having:

  1. If I put that behind a P transition contact, without triggering it, the status seems to gravitate to a -35. Triggering the Contact in front of it seems to do nothing. 
  2. Parameter C of the Load DTI from Recipe File is a fixed value. In order to have the operator choose what recipe to load, I would need 2 rungs for 2 recipes … etc.

I took the udtf files that I created and put them in the DT folder on the SD card, but I seem not to be able to get by problem 1. Clearly I have misunderstood something somewhere.



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Ok, I can see  that I might be going down a dead end here, maybe someone can help. I can see where if I use the function load DTI from file, I can load am indexed DT table. 

Assuming the operator does not know what the list of files that the management has given him, how can I get a list of udtf files that are on the SD card for him to choose from ?

I see the File Selector Browser, but it returns all files in the DT directory for selection.  If I use the Store DTI to File, I must use a 1 for Parameter F creating all files. Then the operator will get csv, et al. listed in his file selector window.

I can see no handling for Files in the C# function so I suspect that I am nearing a dead end here.

The idea would be for management to ftp a file(s) to the plc that the plc operator could use and make changes to recipes in his plc.



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After FTP is received I usually:

1st "Convert CSV to UDTF"

2nd "Load DTI From File"

I would use a HMI element "Combo Box" to show the operator the available files.

Each file name in the combo box would be linked to an index number which when the " Selected" bit of the combo box goes high stores the appropriate file name as a string to parameter "C" of the "load DTI from File" then loads that data from Parameter C-->A

The downside to this method is that the available files listed in the combo box would be fixed so you could not change them easily.

The way I handle this type situation is with another index data table to hold all the part numbers that would run on the machine, the operator scans their job/part number and on the back end we go search the part number data table using "Find DTI Column Value" and load whatever string is listed in that row data into Parameter C of "Load DTI from File" 


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