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Trying installing Visilogix on Linux OS by using Wine Windows emulator

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I tried installing Visilogic on Ubuntu by using the Windows emulator Wine and program stops at the startup notifying System file Error 429 - Missing or bad version of MSADOX.DLL.

After that, I loaded the dlls MSADOX and MSDART into Wine environment and successfully registered them by regsrv32.

No way: the behaviour continue to be the same.

If somebody can help me, he will be welcome.

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I have never tried it, but I am a linux dude, in fact not to date myself but I cut my teeth on Irix with Sun Microsystems. 

Ahhh, Wine (Wine Is Not an Emulator).  It does not work for all windows based applications, in fact I consider it a disappointment.  Have you tried "PlayOnLinux?" PlayOnLinux is really designed for games but games are usually the most difficult to run Windows versions.

I doubt Visilogic will ever be ported for linux so I would not hold my breath. 

Oh, one more thing, avoid any beta distros, 

Try the PlayOnLinux and drop us a note letting us know how it worked. Good Luck 

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