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Power supply M91

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As decleared in


I0-R08 has 12VDC option -----  I0-R08L.

The main issue with expansion =  P-ON condition.

Both - PLC controller and EX-A1+IO-R08   IO must be powered from the same power supply.

By the way if you power M91-2-R1 and  EX-A1+I0-R08L from 12V

1. Both the OPLC and the EX-A1 must be connected to the same power supply.  
The EX-A1 and the OPLC must be turned on and off simultaneously.
2. The 12VDC power supply is supported by versions V2.00 (EX-A1) and later.

As for me you can power  M91-2-R1 PLC with power supply 12VDC and only galvanic isolated version EX-A2X+IO-R08 from separate 24VDC 

but  you must turn ON both PLC and IO at the same time.

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