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  1. It is not possible. High speed CPU to panel connection and power must be as short as possible. Maybe best solution - use Unitronics panel (VNC) and Unisteam PLC without HMI (Virtual HMI). https://www.unitronicsplc.com/unistream-series-plc/#1449515769763-3521ed84-35551451602511853
  2. Quastions; 1 What expansion module used EX-A1X or EX-A2X? EX-A2X is isolated and more stable. 2 How much W is power supply capacity? If it low - install NEW another one with more A on 24VDC outputs 3 Is it possible that on output present relay or valve coils without diode clamp? If Yes - install diode clsmp to all coils 4 Is it some VFD installed near PLC - if Yes - please connect -24V power supply wire to machine GROUND (EARTH). 5 Is it possible that on some output present short circuit? And some times PLC activate this output and restart PLC with error?
  3. Please see this topic But if you need enter something to displayed MF (ML on display) - maybe some add input display needed. You can also use ML to MF conversion for this input display. And as result correct short display on main screen.
  4. Yes. This is original connecton for 3 different types of sensor I try to use "Paint" for show only 2 wire PT100 on all inputs
  5. Great solution, and an even more exciting application ! "The Art of Computer Programming" (Donald Knuth). "The Art of PLC (Ladder) Programming" (Isakovic)
  6. Hi, i try to decode Isakovich Enigma code Then answer for Number 3: Code do sorting numbers placed in MI13, MI14, MI15, M16, MI17 ....... (If we change first Block in row 5 from > to < code change sorting direction). If we change numbers in first row - we change MI used for sorting in this code. Something like C++ for Visilogic....
  7. You can also find sensor with 4-20mA or 0-10V output, or use PT100 to 4-20mA separate converter.
  8. As i see in siemens pdf - coil address is W#16 register - then it can be from 0000 to FFFF in hex. Maybe issue is with correct numbering in modbus - 0 in unitronics +1 in standard modbus? Please check this.
  9. Ausman's answer is very close to the solution. Therefore, we consider Number 2 solved. After all, thanks to his tips, I found a way to solve this Sometimes, even in simple task with the encoder, you need to show on the screen that the movement is right - left, or up - down. It is also important to know when the object stopped.
  10. Answer ON-OFF-ON-OFF day by day... 1010101010101010101010101010101 Maybe it used for control flowers watering? Or for make correct rise and fall signal at 00.00 everyday. But what with 30 to 1 or 31 to 1 update...
  11. You are right, Aus! ....one of this audiophile (with self made and expensive valve amps and expensive headphones and speakers) - my friend posted photo of this vinyl from collection on local forum. Maybe now this vinyl record is already a very expensive antique!
  12. You can write something like 1,2,3..... send to port on panel and do loop by connecting TX to RX on panel (best idea -connect it on connector on PC end). Then try to see what happend in buffer.
  13. It is strange. For me, in this case, it is important to determine whether it is a hardware or software problem. According to you - you saw in the buffer RX from PC and panel to PC TX. Question: Did the answer reach from the panel to the computer? I think not, so the TX panel line is either dirty or damaged. So the test is to measure the voltage of the logic "1" at the TX output of the RS232 PLC port. There should be a level close to -10V relative to GND. If it is not there - then ADM202EA - failed.
  14. So another idea. Is it possible that SB 314 (Block PC access to PLC. OFF by default. When ON: access via VisiLogic, RA, etc. blocked) is ON?
  15. Is it possible that port is configured to RS485 (via jumpers) and Visilogic can not see two RS232 line for send Brk command?
  16. I read this https://cdn.automationdirect.com/static/manuals/stridefio/siomb08ads1ug.pdf for test you must go to item web page and check for Watchdog ---->OFF Then use Modbus TCP master sample code fom help for V700 PLC or Modbus IP master sample for another PLC (SOCKET is DIFFERENT)
  17. I do not know how Unilogic do with point 2 and 3 in 1st line (or 2nd). Can you try to: - place line 3 before 1 and 2 - play with 1-2 or 2-1 variant chagover - try to count Idebug for 1st an 2nd machine separately I think you must do something like State machine for send 1st and 2nd step by step. Signal from 1st. or 2nd -- activate State machine. Sate machine try send only first (if not active skip 1st step). After 1st send timer is OFF (or skip step) - activate 2nd send (if active). if timer for second one is off (or skip step) - then RESET State ma
  18. Please point to pdf for this module ot type name plate model #. Remote I/O from different manufacturer has different configuration methods (sometimes non standard or ( and) configured with expensive software). Othewise if you find than this module is standard Modbus TCP - it is only Visilogic com configuration and correct read/write command needed. Best way - use some software on PC for emulate master PLC and play with read/write option and registers. Please try hercules zip from
  19. Good to know... Can you post working configuration? Maybe someone can say something about....
  20. I do not test SB300 bit. But if some MB contact use for activate one of two different CAN configuration and make toggle button for change this MB. And use SB300 activation button for reset plc. You can also use power on sw for restart plc after configuration select bit is changed. You can test it...
  21. I do not know why this happend, but i think - this module used only two hardware high speed channel - pwm, pto output or counter, encoder input can be selected. Then only one of function can be used for one channel. You test it on hardware. Two channel=two PWM. Your topic about Stepper - Encoder input has the same issue.
  22. Maybe best solution https://www.geckodrive.com/support/using-current-source-plc.html
  23. I always try to use time-tested solutions. In your case, the use of PLC is a bit illogical. A conventional diaphragm mechanical pressure switch with adjustable hysteresis and pressure gauge is cheap and reliable. The sensor installed on water pipe and remote PLC connected to sensor can show the pressure well and even transmit its value to the network. The only advantage of the PLC is the ability to remotely control and change the operating pressure limits.
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