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  1. First of ALL you must type full model number for servo SGDV. Only 01 and 05 option code support Pulse input signal. If model is ok, then you make some mistake in parameter configuration and your servo stay in Speed or Torque mode. In this case analog input (Speed or Torque refrence) zero drift is the reason of slow rotation. You can easly check it - disconnect 7 and 8 Yaskawa input and send Servo On signal. If you in correct Position mode - Motor must be in fixed position (no rotation) and you can not rotate motor shaft by hand (servo position loop is active). If motor shaft not in fix position (slow rotation) - You was in Speed or Torque mode. After correct Position control mode configured in servo driver (via parameters), you must connect EXF HSO to 7 8 Yaskawa drive. Please connect 0V HSO pin 5 to OV of Power supply And use SIGN Yaskawa input for rotation direction control.
  2. If the panel is not installed to any control box, Flex prompts may help. If it is installed in a rigid control cabinet, sometimes the standard mount is overloaded and the panel touch sensor bends. This can even damage the sensor. Therefore, make sure that the plane of the screen is flat and the panel is not fixed too tightly.
  3. Test result.... Two output configured via V1040 Voltage on Analog 0 Voltage on Analog 1 Laboratory setup. Analog IO not connected ..
  4. Two IO-AI4-AO2 modules are installed in my laboratory. I'm trying to check it out tomorrow.
  5. Information from Visilogic Help... Then Maybe +-4095 for +-10V output.
  6. IO-AI4-AO2 Input Output 12 bit (0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA) 12 bit +sign ( ±10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA) 0-4095, 4096 units (except at 4-20mA) 819 to 4095, 3277 units (at 4-20mA) 0-+4095(except at4-20mA) 819 to 4095, 3277 units (at 4-20mA)
  7. You can use internal relay to control 230VAC low power actuators. Please read instalation manual and add some fuses to controlled cirquit.
  8. I try to check some MB in your project. It look's like JOG command is disabled by "in move" MB. This MB is SET and RESET via state machine. It looks like you start move via JOG and this move is blocked by "in move" MB. But maybe i'm lost something...
  9. I try to build CANopen application for two nodes (Lenze servo) on Samba 7'. Result: no memory for any other function. Then i must to change plc to V700. Use URB with large number IO maybe possible - but what with memory bits (512 max on board) for do something with this IO signal.
  10. Not tested but maybe MOXA NPort Ethernet-to-RS232 can be used. If Bluetouth on board present - simple Bluetouth-RS232 convertor also useful.
  11. Standard formula from Wiki need Year, Day of Year, Day of Week for calculation. Day of Year sample SI33 and SI34 can be used.
  12. Then maybe useful to know that CAN connector with 24VDC power supply has reverse voltage protection. After analyzing the circuit and testing its operation in the correct polarity ... I decided to test it in reverse Thanks to the Unitronics developers of the circuit - in the reverse polarity - any dangerous voltage on the transceiver I did not find. So by accidentally applying reverse voltage to the CAN port power PIN +V and -V, we probably will not burn anything - but the port itself will not transmit anything.
  13. Inside V1210 we can see advanced power suply with TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SUPPESSOR DIODE on input side BFM marked on foto. In my opinion, protection against reverse polarity is not provided in V1210 - because a symmetrical suppessor diode is used. It only limits the maximum supply voltage to 33V (in normal and wrong reversed polarity) . Therefore, incorrect power polarity can cause problems in the PLC power supply. If the PLC does not start in the normal polarity, I do not recommend changing the fuse or repairing the power supply. Probably power supply board can be ordered separately from an official dealer. P.S. In V700 PLC implemented overvoltage protection and protection against reverse power polarity.
  14. No V130 in hand now but maybe combination of SB76 and after SB108 can be tested.
  15. I do not test layers in Unilogic. Maybe another idea of brute force - List of Images with vertical line (colour with visible thickness) in different position in one layer (0-100% of x coordinate) and List of Images with horisontal line (another colour with visible thickness) in different position in another layer (0-100% of y coordinate). Yo can do math with real position and convert it to different variant of working range on screen -one combination of two image represent position. User can see on display two crossed line x and y (maybe ). P.S. Maybe foto of terytory can be placed in bottom layer from SD card.
  16. I recently gave a friend an IR temperature gauge to study the temperature of the hydraulics in the press. Here is a photo of the measurement result. I think that the temperature was probably a bit too high... :) Then I had to completely redesign the control system using Unitronics PLC. I was once again convinced that a metal control cabinet is one of the best solutions.
  17. I build 8 channel feeder from one vibratory bowl. Main problem - what system must do if two or more receivers send signal at the same time. In my case i must build something like that You can see - system has channel activation priority and must switch off all active switch.
  18. Hi, i do not know your gear+sensor setup. But main problem with counting - speed and vibration. If you use only one sensor and standard or HS Input - vibration at low speed generate false pulse and counter do not count correctly (+ count error present). If standard input used - you can lost some pulse at high speed sensor activation (- count error present). HS input in single sensor mode can be used for high speed sensor activation but start stop condition also make some count error. Best way for mecanical setup - use quadrature principle of measurement (you can read about it) and A/B shaft encoder HS input. Encoder with A/B output or two PNP sensor on the same special quadrature gear can be used. This idea work with best result for low and high speed. Vibration do not affect on count result. By the way as i see in your setup - two sensor used for mesure the same amount of data. You can use only one sensor connected to two HS input chanel I0 + I2 at the same time and count/reset two HS counters separately. Only one problem - HS counter backup ladder code needed. You can found V120 example in help project HSC directory.
  19. Please try to go to info mode and switch PLC to Stop mode. Than try to load JT project.
  20. I recently made a program for a plastic extruder. The user makes settings in 5 windows that will adjust to one recipe. Within each screen, I used the comparison method for a single part of the recipe (part of data table line of the recipe), not for the whole line. So there was a way that shows the user that the data on the screen is different from that specified in the recipe. I did this by hiding the SAVE button when the data is the same within the window. When at least one of the data is different, it changes color and the SAVE button appears, which disappears if the user has already saved the data in the recipe and they are the same as on the screen. There is a separate window for viewing the whole recipe - but as practice has shown - users like to display individual parameters within the window. The main task of employees is to use only permitted recipes. Therefore, after some time, managers have a wish that the SAVE key not only saves the changed data in the recipe, but also asks for a password before saving. So the manager sees the data changed by the operator in the process - if they are correct in his opinion, he saves them to the current or new recipe. As for scrolling the entire line of the recipe, this is possible only if all the data is visible on the screen at the same time. If there is more than one screen then scrolling recipes requires switching windows and leads to errors.
  21. You are not alone..... In engine START-STOP automatic algorithm present battery voltage comparator, time from engine start and even driver seatbelt switch. In fact, I keep asking myself about the logic of everything that contains a program in the controller. However, I am surprised when instead of a simple and clear algorithm they use something strange and a very excessively advanced controller that does not cope with the task. In my opinion, the main thing for the driver is that the brake algorithm does not start to be updated remotely when the driver needs to brake ... ... It's good that they still haven't mechanically disconnected the driver's steering wheel from the wheels ... Although they are constantly trying to put this task on algorithms and electronics.
  22. Thanks to AlexUT for the screenshot hint. I want to say that the main task in the testing process is to link the tested object with the report. I solved this problem with the help of a sticker printed by a thermal printer. Because the serial number is not usually assigned until the device is packed, it is very difficult to distinguish between tested and untested units. Attaching a camera that will photograph a tag with a unique number on the product and take a screenshot is a good way. Screenshot of only a set of parameters, even with the test time - an unreliable solution. Therefore, the author of the topic must determine the sufficient reliability of the received report. I had a problem with wire testing when an employee didn't check every wire, but only checked one quality sample several times and printed many correct results - but not all wires were checked. This is the main problem to be solved by the developer of the testing program.
  23. I build machine with direct print resullt on termal printer. PLC generate report via printer standard lenguage. Work fine. In your case separate csv to PDF PC based application needed. In some standard testing station (automotive wire production) only text string go to server and server generated result (pdf) printed on network printer near machine. All testing result is fixed on server with time stamp.
  24. In my application - all signal wire is black. Only correct numbering solve problem with wrong connection.
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