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Weigh scale with RS-232 Protocol

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I am trying to connect Shimadzu TX423L load-cell weigh system to V350 plc through RS-232 Protocol

Communication is done and i am getting ASCII string into serial Monitor RX------ refer attachment of monitor screen

But i tried to read into scan protocol but there is know value into ASCII element linked MI/ML,tried with different length as well

I have simple initialize com port, configure protocol, Scan FB,and buf fer reset in my code...tried by creating  variable with stream as well as numeric 

I have attached Weigh system manual snap with data format  for  reference

Using PLC comp port 1 set to RS-232 Protocol as well

But not able to read the values in plc scan protocol

Please help ....Thanks😊



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  • MVP 2023

Please post your protocol project.

You can use Stream Protocol configuration embedded to Prot FB project in above topic.

For online testing i use addon com port  or ethernet card.  It is really hard to configure protocol with only one PORT.

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