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Using a servo driver

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I am stuck with trying to implement a servo motor, and not sure how to go from here. I have been using the example programs from the unitronics and i cannot get the programs to say the servo is connected. I have connected the CANBus wires according to the picture that i have attached that i found on the unitronics website. My group has never dealt with CAN networks before so we are all starting from scratch. I believe i have to use UniCAN Nodes but am not sure, currently i am just trying to just get the example program working, I am using the "Go to Position By Velocity Block" program. When I connect the computer to the PLC in online mode, no messages are dropped but none are received i attached a picture of the communications. Everywhere online i look for help i see that unilogic is great for this but all support I've found is for visilogic, not sure if I should switch to visilogic but I have been using unilogic. I have set up the plc, motor controller, and motor numbers in the project. The models are-

Motor: UMM-0004BA-B4

Motor Drive: UMD- 0004B-B3

PLC: USP-070-B10

Annotation 2020-05-06 085114.png



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