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Write own programm for cummunication between SAMBA and PC

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Hi guys,

I recently tried DataXport and UniDDE to get some data from my SAMBA PLC to my PC. Both programms work fine, but I would like to automate the data transfer in a more advanced way.

For example I have a device that communicates with my PC via NFC and if this device sends my PC certain data, I want so write a certain value to my SAMBA PLC. Therefore wrtiting my own programm for communication with the SAMBA PLC seems more handy to me.
So I basicly want to know, if there is any documentation that describes how the DataXport/UniDDE communicate with the SAMBA. I quess theres a certain string structure or something like that, that is used for the commands sended to the SAMBA.
Any ideas about that?


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