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Extension Module UAGXKPL1500


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We have some strange things going on. Normally we use the  Extension Module UAGXK300 module. 


However now we use the UAGXKPL1500 module for the first time. But some strange things are going on. Only change is this module. 

Sometimes, after some period, tags are being set/reset without an event. For example some alarms trigger occasionally, and the Reset button in the screen is not being reset. 

The way how this is written in the software is exactly the same as previous machines, which are many.

All grounds are connected to each other.


Please advice,




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  • MVP 2023

You need to post  more information about hardware configuration.

You must use this manual for configuration


Maybe some part of your hardware combination is not recommended, please see this table in above 




From this manual:

When daisy chaining, you can include only 1 Long -range adapter. You may connect it directly to the controller

or to any of the elements that are expanded from it.


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