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UniLogic Maybe easier way to Change HMI colors on multiple objects


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Currently it is too hard if you have to change multiple object colors on HMI.

I had 20+ Numeric Box and Fixed Text objects on screen and customer says they want to change entire color scheme similar for their brand colors.  I didn't find any easy way to automate things so it is 20 clicks and button presses for each element color and I didn't had only one page. :(

Maybe Copy/Paste drop down for color elements on the Properties Window ??

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1) You can define a default style for elements, so any new element which is added will be created with the default style.

Click on an HMI Screen, and in the Ribbon, under the HMI contextual tab, click on Themes, add a theme, change the style of a button to fit what you want


2) Change 1 element from a specific type (for example, a button), select all the other buttons on that screen, along with the changed button, right click the changed button and select: "Apply layout to all selected _____ elements" (for example "Apply layout to all selected button elements"

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