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I wonder if you can help me trought the migration of a visio 1040 Hmi to rockwell Panel view 5310.  there is a way so i can export the screens, tags and as much as possible of the project content on the visio HMI?.


thanks for your help




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  • MVP 2023

You want to replace OPLC   (operator panel HMI with integrated PLC) to rockwell Panel view 5310 HMI ?!?


Do you have original project from Vision V1040?

If not - you must start with new project on Rockwell Panel view 5310 and create all HMI display from the start.


If yes:

It is possible to export screens to BMP (some numbers and grafics you can't export).

You can export Operand with value to the *.csv.

You can also print to paper or pdf all project entry with detailed HMI operand mapping.


But what with the logic?   You must to create your own code for rockwell PLC.



If you want only update grafic - and Visilogic project for V1040 present - you can use Modbus RTU or modbus TCP to remote control V1040 via  rockwell Panel view 5310 HMI.


Please post your original configuration (V1040 hardware IO module ect.) and future design (hardware) based on rockwell Panel view 5310 HMI .

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