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Samba with virtual HMI?


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I used SAMBA for retrofit  hydraulic machine control.  One day on this mobile machine SAMBA screen is damaged.
Even with the damaged screen it  continued to control the operation of all systems.
I was asked to change settings and with Unitronics software I was able to do it without any problems. Finnaly i setup remote settings via software for local staff.

I wanted to try to "propose" to apply the already known Unitronics  Virtual HMI technology to our most affordable Samba PLCs.

By removing the touchscreen and screen from Samba (and integrating WiFi into it),
Unitronics could certainly create a solution that competes in the market with smart relays.
But it would have a number of advantages that the Visilogic environment gives us.

Usually, in a simple control system, PLCs without HMI are sufficient.
Virtual HMI control makes such a simple PLC an interesting product.
I think creating a SAMBA virtual HMI version is possible. Only HMI side must be replaced by DIN rail mount set.
There is no need for any additional cost to change the software before it becomes available on the market.

Maybe virtual simulation of different resolution also possible.

What do you think about this?

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