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Need to upload from v120-22-T40

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Hi to everyone!

I need to upload program from old v120-22-T40, in order to replace it with v130. Problem is, there is no such model in recent versions of Visilogic, I tried the oldest version I have, 4.5.4, and v120-22-T40 is not there also. This model is present in the Elementslist, and there is a description file for it in HW Cfg, I assume it is blocked somehow in the software. Can anyone suggest, where can I download older versions of Visilogic to try, or maybe there is another way to solve this problem ? 

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Yes, I'm sure, Upload goes normal, as usual, without any errors or restrictions, but at the end of the upload when usually goes Verify stage, it shows error message, something like "v120-22-T40 not found" and upload terminates. So, at first I want to try earlier versions, but can't find any.

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