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SQL Connector/SQL Query Function limited to 7 parameters only


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Hello, refering to the title. I'm trying to insert my data into my sql server. But i'm having problem sending more than 7 parameters using the SQL Connector/SQL Query Function.

I'm using the SQL project sample to test this, but it doesn't work. The following is the screenshots when the program only works with 7 parameters at maximum. It seems that the status is stuck at "In progress..".

Fail - 8 Parameters:




Success - 7 Parameters:




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17 hours ago, AlexUT said:

Use 2 or more requests and combine results.


Yeah that's my solution at the moment. Had to split the query to several number - which means i had to split the sql table columns too.

Nevertheless, is this really the limitation of the sql function, or I'm just doing it wrong?



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Great suggestion, Ness,

And follopwing is a link to article about how to use stored procedure:

SQL Dynamic Table Name


Tell us if this solve your problem.

The only thing - you have to write stored procedure and take care it is always accessible at SQL server.



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