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Load cell amplifier for batching plant

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Dear all.

I am designing batching plant system (plc and pc based). While searching for load cell amplifier I have found one with reasonable price. But when I look the spec it miss shield input which is there in all amplifier I encountered in batching machine. So what will be the risk associated(I am thinking software filtering if that bring noise but I am not sure if I can handle it). So please suggest something

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If you use Unitronics PLC - two option with load cell present

URS-02LC-8  - module for URB expansion with Vision and Unistream

and IO-LC1,  IO-LC3 with  EX-RC1 for Unistream or IO-LC1, IO-LC3+EX-A2X for Vision.

It is stable and tested solution with ready to use sample program provided.


Using another load cell amplifier with Unitronics PLC is possible - but using installation with analog interface - have low resolution.

Run it with MODBUS, Ethernet or CAN network is not simple solution.




From IO-LC1 (3) user manual  recommendation:

The cable shield should be connected ONLY to the Loadcell chassis. The shield at the other end of the cable should be left unconnected.

Then if cable shield is connected to Loadcell chassis - no connection for shield on amplifier is normal.

But you must check - is it loadcell installation grounded.

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