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How to count number of bottles

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you can find V130 Counter example project in Visilogic ---- Examples/Version 9000/Project examples/Ladder/ V130_Counter.vlp

SB7 bit can be changed by Input signal (for example I2 ).

But the main problem with bottles on conveyor - vibration. Vibration of bottle can activate sensor many times and count result can be different.

For rectify this problem you must use two sensor and two PLC input. Sensor must be plased on conveyor in series - then bottle must cross 1st one then second one.

In PLC ladder code you can operate  MB coil (for example MB 10) - Set by 1st sensor and reset by second.

This  MB10 -|P|-  contact must replace SB7 in sample code.

C0 counter contact can be used as stop command for conveyor.


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Thanks for your help

I just want to understand how counter works with visilogic (usually I used counters on PL7) so it doesn't matter if I count bottles or something else at the moment.

With your help i did the following propgram (see attached file) .

But it does'nt work . C1  is activated at the first detected object.

Where is the problem ?


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