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Multiple timers lead on to each other

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I done main page and 3 other pages with timers on them that can be preset by keypad.

Steam 1. Steam 2 cooling.  How do I get the timer steam 1 activate solenoid 1. Then after timed out move on to timer 2 activate solinoid 2. Finally when 2 times out activate timer 3 and solenoid 3 

Cheers mark

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Shakey, the likely reason that no-one has replied to you yet is that this is really Unitronics PLC programming 101.

I suggest you look at the Help files, go to the Index tab, enter Timers, and when the Topics Found box comes up scroll down to Timers (T) and open that.  A wealth of information appears that is the best way to completely learn how the timers work on whatever plc you are working with.  We don't know that because you didn't say!

After learning some stuff the same way the rest of us have, if you still have issues, show your attempts by posting your program etc.

Cheers, Aus

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