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UCR-ST B5 wifi setup help


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What i would like to do is using the wifi of the router (UCR-ST ) and make a landing page that as soon as you conect the web page will be linked 

and opened. What i  would like that a person will connect to the WIFI of the PLC and he could see from his phone the pages that i'm  showing him.

I'm a bit lost with the setup when i connect to the UCR as admin any help will be appreciated

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It sounds like you're asking for a re-directed default IP address for Wifi login, kind of like when you log into the wireless at a hotel.  That IP address would then have a default page.

The UCR manual describes a "Landing Page" on pg. 167.  You could upload a login page that would automatically point the user at the PLC IP address.

HTML coding is outside the scope of this forum, but I Googled "html autorun script to redirect page" and did find this:



I would contact Official Unitronics Support at support@unitronics.com and ask about how to configure the UCR.  We're mostly volunteer users here.

Joe T.

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Thanks for the comment, i will look into it .

also i would like to update if anyone needs it in the future:

what I did was giving  A static IP to the MAC address of the panel the same ip which is in the panel.

now , when you connect to the wifi of the router and you type the ip of the panel its open the web page.

i will try to figure out   the  redirection.

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