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LD Sequence

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Dear Al,,

I have no experience with LD, I usually wita in ST, and I have problem with LD sequence logic. I would like to program the follow sequence:

There are two machine, and they would like to send data to SQL at same time. Machine_1_Prod means Machine 1 would like to send, and Machine_2_prod means Machine2 would like to send data. xWriting means sending is active, and the SQL routin is sending the information (in another region)

My problem is, that if Machine_1_Prod and Machine_2_prod is true at same time, that only Machine 2 send the information, and I don't know why. Is there any problem with this sequence. Row 2 is running before xWriting_product was set in row 1?

Do you have any idea for solution?


Best regards, Gábor



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I do not know how Unilogic do with point 2 and 3  in 1st line (or 2nd). 

Can you try to:

- place line 3 before 1 and 2

- play with 1-2  or 2-1 variant chagover

- try to count Idebug for 1st an 2nd machine separately

I think you must do something like State machine for send 1st and 2nd step by step.

Signal from 1st. or  2nd -- activate  State machine.

Sate machine try send only first (if not active skip 1st step). After 1st send timer is OFF (or skip step) - activate 2nd send (if active).

if timer for second one is off (or skip step) - then RESET State machine.

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