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Max frequency change rate on HSO of V130-J-TR20

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I have an upcoming project, where I will need to start the HSO at 0, and ramp it to ~5kHz, then after a bit ramp it back to 0Hz - approximating trapezoidal acceleration in a stepper motor.
Any idea how often I can change the frequency output?
(It's a really a stupid simple application and the customer is insisting on stepper motors for the 2 axes, I'd like to not jerk the load around too badly during accel/decel)

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I'll tell you configuration that works well with stepper, from my experience and similar application.

V430-J-TR34 with configured outputs as "High Speed Output (Step Control)", with ramping done via linearization block. Input to LIN block is distance from encoder, ouput frequency. In your case input could be acceleration/deceleration time if there is no distance measurement.


I see now that you are using V130, I personally never worked with that model, but maybe this can give you an idea.

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