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When I attempt to open Visilogics, I receive a run time 91 error. I have had this program open numerous times over the last few days as I developed a new project. I have several revisions saved of the project and all fail to open with this same error.

I am assuming the cure is the old tried and true Unitronics method of saving backups, deleting/uninstalling Visilogics, then reloading again?

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Thanks. I tried to delete the current object but to no avail. Now I am doing the reinstall. Again. For the fourth time since starting to use Visilogics.

I got an idea, why not include a delete/boot/reinstall button on version 71197.3.12 of Visilogics, or which ever rev is next?

Get the idea, very dissatisfied end user out here. VERY DISSATISFIED.

I heard many people comment that Unitronics has great support, and I agree for the most part. But I would far rather have one reliable automobile than a garage full of the best mechanics!

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The reason you are getting the message is the propbably same reason I got that same error two days ago. If you are running Vista or windows 7 you more than likely had a windows update recently (since the last time you used Visilogic program). If your computer is like mine the automatic update reset my UAC to on without my permission. Just go back into UAC and turn it back off. I do not know why this happens but it has happened twice on my work computer in the last 6 months.


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