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Send SMS via Ethernet AT commands


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I am solving the following situation. I have Unistream 7 connected via Ethernet to my "LTE modem", which uses remote Internet access. The modem also allows standard AT commands sent via the TCP port for sending SMS. I'm looking everywhere for it, but I haven't found a "SIMPLE" example of how to program it in Uniststream...???


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UniStream supporting only selected modems from modems list.

In your case you have to use "Protocol" to send and parse messages to/from your modem.

You can download UniLogic examples from following link:



Unzip and review examples in directory:

E:\Unitronics Software\UniLogic\UniLogic_Example_Projects_1.30.58\UniLogic Examples_V1.30 Rev 52\Communications\Protocol\UniStream_070_Message_Composer_Example.ulpr

and other.


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