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I’m currently a student that is about to start  PLC classes at a local community college.

I have a Unitronics V350-J-RA-22.

I’d like to wire one NO pushbutton to I0 and one NC to I1.

I also would like to wire a 24vdc Siemens Green Indicator Light to O0.

But I’m confused about the Sinking and Sourcing Concept.

I have 24Vdc supplied. + to terminal 1 and - to Terminal 2.

My understanding is that I would supply +24vdc to one terminal on the NO switch, then run a wire from the other terminal on the NO switch to I0(terminal 15)

Same concept with the NC switch but it would land on I1(terminal 14)

For the output indicator light I’m not really sure what I should do.

Pages 7 and 9 in the manual have the wiring diagram but the Sink and Source concept is really confusing me. 

Can anyone help explain how to wire these three components and explain the whys of the npn and pnp.




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