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Hi. Did anyone connect EXF RC15 to YASKAWA SGDV using pulse command for position controll. We used wiring as per RXF & Yaskawa instructions but we get motor slow rotation even with no pulse command. It seems like some noise... We tried to put noise filter but no change. We connected as Open collector output +24VDC with 2.2kOHM resistor to Yaskawa input 7, Then we connected EXF RC15 HSO0 to Yaskawa input 8. AFter this connection and Servo ON command, the motor starts slow rotation. Ofcourse Yaskawa is properly parametrised...

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5 hours ago, CVEKO said:

Servo ON command, the motor starts slow rotation.

First of ALL you must type full model number for servo SGDV.  Only 01 and 05 option code support Pulse input signal.

If model is ok, then you make some mistake in parameter configuration and your servo stay in Speed or Torque mode.


In this case analog input (Speed or Torque refrence) zero drift is the reason of slow rotation.

You can easly check it - disconnect 7 and 8 Yaskawa input and send Servo On signal.

If you in correct Position mode - Motor must be in fixed position (no rotation) and you can not rotate motor shaft by hand (servo position loop is active).

If motor shaft not in  fix position (slow rotation)  - You was in Speed or Torque mode.


After correct Position control mode configured in servo driver (via parameters),

you must connect EXF HSO to 7  8 Yaskawa drive. Please connect 0V HSO pin 5 to OV of Power  supply



And use SIGN Yaskawa input for rotation direction control.



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